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What We Offer

Combining professional expertise, adaptability and rigor, our team responds to the ever more complex demands of institutional clients.

We offer two types of corporate asset management solutions:

    Mutual fund management

    Our principle fund management offering is able to adapt to the needs of our institutional clients and bases its strategies on the team’s various types of expertise. Lutetia Capital’s shareholders and its management team are significant investors in our funds, ensuring a complete alignment of interests with our institutional clients.

    Delegated mandates

    Lutetia Capital offers its corporate clients delegated mandates or dedicated funds that take into account each investor’s specific profile and regulatory requirements. This tailor-made solution enables to manage your assets in the way that best suits your legal constraints as well as your performance goals. Our institutional clients benefits from bespoke reporting, the frequency of which is tailored specifically to your institution’s individual needs.

    To receive a personalized answer to your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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