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Notre philosophie de gestion
Fundamental Approach

Our investment approach is driven by fundamental analysis and the principles of value investing.

Regardless the investment strategy, we remain committed to buying “at the right price”, based on intrinsic value and prevailing market conditions.

Analysis of Investment Cycles

We are highly focused on investment cycles and are not afraid to take a contrarian approach.

Understanding investment cycles guides our fundamental approach, and plays a fundamental role in our decisions regarding asset allocation, sector allocation, and the choice of individual securities.


We are highly reactive to our own investment views and do not hesitate to seize market opportunities.

Our priority is to find the best risk/reward opportunities for a given investment objective. That is the reason why we focus on absolute return strategies.

Our Method

Clear Priorities

We have two fundamental priorities: capital preservation and optimizing risk/reward. We want to avoid short-term fluctuations in order to maintain our performances over a long period of time. We do not hesitate to be directly involved as an active investor.

Strong Expertise

We capitalize on our expertise and know-how, investing only where we believe we have a competitive advantage. In an increasingly complex environment, we believe in specialization. We focus on specific absolute return strategies for which we have a competitive advantage.

A continuous dynamic of innovation

We believe in the complementarity of quantitative and qualitative analysis. We want to permanently improve our investment processes and our risk management based on our research and the development of new asset management methods.

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